The Deluxe Band

I am a one man band called The Deluxe Band.
Booking : Trenton Valarde 1760-885-4422

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Mac DeMarco is pure evil
Come support our friends tonight!


Shaun of the Dead

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My friends @hugo_is_boss  and @edvardavincci  drew this flyer for the show this saturday
Come see me play this saturday!
Your child is on drugs, NOW!
Im playing a show tonight, hope to see you then :)
I know I said some really mean things last night, so I felt entitled to lower the price COMPLETELY! 2$ FOR BOY 2$ FOR GIRLS. Now lets go scrounge up that change and lets get AS many people here as we can!!!! Fuck it ALLL!!!
Come to the show THIS thursday. It will be at my house, 3$ for girls 4$ for boys, so come have a blast. Couth Youth And @thehighcurbs are playing. Come have fun!!
13676 quapaw rd. Next weekend

when her panties come off


when her panties come off

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